In 2010 Shinedown has performed 3 series of concerts.

The first was performing at the Nickelback Dark Horse tour.



Then came one of this year's greatest tour "The Carnival of Madness".



And finally the year ended with a series of intimate concerts in the "Anything and Everything event".



In early 2012 came the Avalanche Tour


In 2012 they then came to the Club Soda in Montreal to promote their Amayllis album


Later in 2012 came the UPROAR Festival



In February 2013 they did a series of concerts with TDG and POD


In May of 2013 they did another series of concerts with Bush and Airbourne



In july 2013 they did the first part of the Canadian Kiss concert series


Their last series of concert was the Carnival Of Madness in August 2013