Eric Bass

Bass Guitar

Born October 23rd in Charleston, South Carolina. Eric grew up in a very musical family. As a child he played piano, trombone and drums. When he was fourteen he got his first guitar for christmas. Eric dropped out of college to begin playing in his first rock band. He toured the southeast for eight years before forming the band Deepfield in 2002. Eric eventually left Deepfield before their first recording to pursue a producing and writing career. Soon after Eric began to become interested in the bass guitar. In 2007 he opened his own recording studio named Ocean Industries. Eric got to know Brent and Barry while writing some songs with Shinedown. When the bass player position opened up in the band, Eric got a call to audtion. It goes without saying that he made an impression and continues to contribute to the band's success today.

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barry-kerch-profileBarry Kerch


Barry Kerch was born August 7th in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Barry played his first drum at the age of 7. It was a snare and part a deal he made with his parents to perfect the basics of drumming before getting his first drum kit. Two years later he got his first kit. Barry took many lessons and played all types of music. His passion for drumming was deep and influences wide-ranging. He played in the marching band from elementary school all the way through college at the University of Central Florida where he earned a degree in anthropology. Barry played in many band throughout his early career before landing the role as Shinedown's drummer in 2000. Along with Brent, Barry is an original member of Shinedown.

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Brent Smith


Brent Smith was born January 10, 1978 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Brent was influenced by Otis Redding, Billie Holiday and Chris Cornell among others. His career as a vocalist began n the early 1990's. He was involved with a number of bands including Blind Thought and Dreve. Along with Barry Krech, Brent as a founding member of Shinedown. Brent has written songs for and collobrated with artists such as Daughtry, Saliva and Apocalyptica.


zach-myers-bioZach Myers

Lead Guitar

Zach Myers was born November 7, 1983. He was both born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Zach began playing guitar at age thirteen. By fourteen he had a manager, a record deal, and began touring the world. He released two records under the band name Zach Myers Band. Zach also played with bands such as Fairwell, Saliva and Breaking Point. Zach Myers joined Shinedown in 2005. He has played both bass guitar and lead guitar. With influences such as Jimi Henrix and Jimi Page it's no wonder Zach has provided fans an experience like no other.

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